Thursday, March 28, 2013

Planning at Dixon

Decorating at Dixon is full speed. . . .I think the master bedroom is about 90% complete. Walls have been painted, furniture and drapery projects have been DIYd, items have been ordered. . . . Now I'm just waiting for everything to come in and debating on whether or not I want/need new bedside lamps.

I thought it would be fun to post the board I quickly pulled together (when I couldn't decide on what shams I wanted and the only way to get Mr. Husband's opinion was to mock it up. . . . .) and then post actual pictures once the room is complete. Sound like a plan?

So that is the board. . . . the bed I became obsessed with after seeing it in an issue of Better Homes and Gardens. It was on sale at Neiman's after Christmas, but since we hadn't met Dixon yet. . . or even started looking for a house I couldn't  risk buying it and not working out down the road. After we had a REAL bedroom to start decorating everything kind of centered around the bed. . . . I'm still obsessed with it. Luckily I found a local store in Dallas that could special order and deliver.

Below are the DIY projects that were dreamt up for this room. . . our windows are the entire wall of the bedroom with EXTREMELY high ceilings. . . . .that = a lot of yards of fabric which = $$$$. I had a vision of emerald silk drapes (long before it became the "IT" color of the year, thanks Pantone) but taffeta at Joanns for $5.99 a yard (plus a 50% off coupon of course) made it much more in my budget. The curtain rods are from Lowes and of course there is NOTHING a little Rustoleum magic cant fix

So that is your sneak peak for now. . . .

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