Thursday, March 21, 2013

5 things you need from IKEA

Last week I saw this chair on instagram (via Jamie Meares of Furbish - if you dont already follow her, she has the best pics!)

and then I found out that the chair is upholstered in this IKEA fabric (at a whopping $7.99 a yard!!!!). Even though I was JUST there a few weeks ago picking up a few more things to cover in gold spray paint. . . . . I decided to look online and see what other treasures I was missing out on!
1| I love the industrial feel and clean lines of this shelf - it would be great indoors or outside with plants
2| I have had my eye on cowhides for a while. . . just need to find a place for it. . . and decide between black or brown?
3| Loving the pattern in this rug (and the fact that it is a neutral pattern without being leopard :)
4| Doesn't this vase have a similar to the kate spade larabee dot collection? and it is MUCH cheaper than the original or even my failed DIY attempts with etching cream
5| I noticed these glasses last time I was at IKEA and am still dreaming about them. . . . 

PS - Do we think this pendant could be a cheaper alternate to the hicks pendant with a little spray paint and creativity?

What have you seen lately at IKEA?

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