Thursday, October 4, 2012

Guest Bedroom Update: Dresser Dilemma

I blogged about our guest bedroom here and wanted to give a little update. We are in desperate need of more storage, so I have been looking at different dresser options to act as bedside tables and beef up the storage capacity. I seriously considered these from west elm, but the dimensions were a little too wide

I have loved bone inlay furniture for a while (just not the hefty price tag) and even contemplated having two of these beauties imported from India after I found a good deal . . . but they couldn't provide shipment from the port in Houston and I'm not sure I want to get involved in the import/export business.
(apologies for these pictures not being centered, its bugging the crap out of me)

Anyway, After I saw these gorgeous images of Aerin Lauder's dressing room, it convinced me that a simple paint job of something I already had could be a beautiful (and cheap) option
I love the high gloss cream with the brass/gold accents. Our condo is filled with re-finished and painted furniture, but the clean light color will really help brighten up the space (especially against the new headboard) I have been stalking ebay for some vintage brass hardware, but if all else fails. . . there is a possible IKEA hack found here
yes, that would be an IKEA handle and a gold paint pen, and I think the handles are something ridiculously cheap like $2.99 of six. . . and also available in a knob.

Reveal to come soon, hopefully. I have a few extra projects up my sleeve.

PS - how sad is it that I had to run spell check to confirm if dilemma had 1 "l" or 2 :)

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