Thursday, March 8, 2012


I was in Oregon for work so the mister and I decided to turn it into a weekend trip. Have you been to Portland? We L-O-V-E-D it! Here are some highlights:
Warning - most of these are centered around food - so if you are hungry you may want to grab a snack before you read any further

- Clyde Common (recommended by the hotel) the menu changes daily and it was delicious! I had oxtail ravioli and we shared an arugala salad with a fried egg - as in a deep fried hard boiled egg- on top

- Dundee, Oregon it's only about an hour from Portland and is host to tons of vineyards in the Willamette Valley. We went on a Friday and it was like getting a private tour/tasting. We stopped by Winderlea, Alexana, Argyle, Lange, and Duck Pond and mailed back several bottles of yummy Pinot Noir. There is also the adorable Red Hills Market complete with drinks served in a mason jar, and everything you could possibly need for a picnic.

- Le Pigeon (another recommendation from a friend who's husband is a chef) could possibly be one of the best meals I have ever had. We did the 5 course tasting menu and Mr. D and I are still talking about the foie gras ice cream in the dessert - I know, foie gras ice cream!?! crazy talk right! If  When we go back I am saving room and putting on the fat pants to make room for the 7 course tasting menu. . . .

Voodoo Doghnuts The minute I landed I kept seeing their pink boxes. Apparently they used to see Nyquil glazed and Pepto Bismal topped doughnuts - you can thank the FDA for sadly shutting that down. There is however, every possible cereal topping and flavor combination you can think of. Including their signature voodoo shaped doughnut filled with raspberry jam and complete with a pretzel stick stabbed through the middle. Mr. D and I had planned on ordering the cock and ball shaped doughnut (cream filled of course) but we chickened out at the counter. . . . check out their website

Food Carts Right by our hotel at 9th and Alder there was a hug he food truck park. . . we had to make a few laps around just to decide what to get. Mr. D went with the "best gyro he has ever had" (but have you ever had a bad gyro) and I had a Mayan pork sandwich at the Peoples Pig

Multnomah Falls - I know, FINALLY a non food post. . . we drove out to the falls (fact: the second largest water fall in North America) and it was pretty amazing. They have a trail you can take up to the top and you can stop along the Columbia River on the drive back to Portland

The Pearl District - there is NO SALES TAX in Portland so hopping in the all the shops in this cute area is like saving money really. . . . Powells books is a whole city block long. . . .

OK now I already want to go back. . . .

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