Sunday, March 11, 2012

light it up

I don't smoke. I think it's a disgusting habit, but lately I have found myself obsessing over vintage lighters and ash trays. It all started with this picture on Instagram posted by Katie Armour of Matchbook magazine.
After I spotted this vintage crystal table lighter I started scouring Etsy and Ebay for more vintage lighters. I love the idea of keeping one of these on the coffee table or nightstand to light candles.How incredible are these:

And my two favorites:

Most of these were between $20 - 30, but double check if they are working. A lot of the lighters I found were in need of new flint and/or fluid. I think a cigar shop would probably carry what you need.

As if all of that table lighter obsession wasn't enough, I then saw these posts on Abode Love on match holders/ash trays.
How unique is that adorable jaguar match holder? I love unique items like that in bookcases and on coffee and side tables. PS if you don't already follow Abode Love you should bookmark it ASAP.

Anyway - so I then added vintage ashtray and match holders to my ebay and etsy stalking. . .

I think he would look great in our living room or on the bar:

And just because it is super random - but may be kind of fun/quirky to hold matches or q-tips in a bathroom. I think the color combination is fabulous.

I also expanded my search to toothpick holders. Most wouldn't hold as many matches (which could be a good thing) but could also be great to cluster a few together or hold q-tips and of course toothpicks.

I have an old depression glass ash tray that was my grandparents and I use to hold wine corks, but I'm thinking I may need to add a match holder and/or lighter companion.

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