Sunday, February 19, 2012

to ikat or not to ikat?


Fabric made using an Indonesian decorative technique in which warp or weft threads, or both, are tie-dyed before weaving
Its everywhere. . . .fabric, pillows,clothing. It mixes really well with traditional or modern items and have been wanting to bring more of it into my house somewhere/somehow. . . .  I even considered an ikat stencil for the accent wall in my kitchen. Here is a round up of some ikat-candy.
[all images via pinterest]

There are TONS of great pillows on etsy (just search for ____ (insert color here) ikat pillow and you can find just about every shape and size. Here are a few other favorites it you want to adopt a little ikat:
just about anything would taste better in this beauty from C Wonder
Or these desk top lovelies from Susy Jack
And of course furbish has no shortage of gorgeous ikat
Love this lampshade - I think lampshades are a GREAT place to use some ikat fabric.
I have one of those famous little ikat bowls from anthropologie that were everywhere last year and I sooo wish they still carried in stores. Its sitting on our dresser holding David's collar stays and has made me convinced that I need more ikat around. . . . . 
image via pinterest

Here is how I finally decided to jump on the ikat bandwagon:

Resting safely in a frame above the mantle of my dining room - I know I want to use the fabric for something once we move into a new house so for now it is folded up neatly in this open back frame.  This is one of my favorite tricks for artwork.  Poster frames or open back frames (which always go half off at hobby lobby, or you can download a coupon online) with fabric, wall paper scraps, or even decorative paper or gift wrap. Paper Source or local paper/stationary/scrapbooking stores are great places. You can find a small piece of handmade paper for a few bucks, and if you get sick of it down the road, swap it out! I did this everywhere when I was living in an apartment and wanted to add color and pattern (of course!) without paint or anything permanent.

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  1. Can not wait to add an IKAT design to our backyard, or bathroom. Thank you for the idea!