Thursday, February 9, 2012

Will you be my Valentine?

It is no surprise that I look forward to a day that revolves around paper and chocolate. I love Valentines Day - even though as a kid I used to get sick every year on Valentines day (and no - not from eating too much chocolate, although that would have been much more fun)

As our first married valentines day, I have been hinting about a few options just in case he were to decide to "surprise" me (hahaha) with a gift. We never usually do valentines gifts, but still thought it would be fun to do a his and hers gift guide for Valentines Day.
I just may pick up some whiskey stones this weekend to keep his scotch cold and I think the boston terrier tie from Vineyard Vines would be the best gift from Lucy! (she always gets him a card with a boston terrier on it) . I also love the heart shaped egg in the toast. I have kind of made it a tradition to do breakfast in bed on Valentines day and still have the heart shaped ramekins I found in the $1 section of Target 4 years ago.

                                     I have been drooling over these crocodile boxes from Furbish for our bookcase - maybe the next work trip to Raleigh (if I can wait that long) or I may have to just give in and buy online. The Lulie Wallace painting is what I am really obsessed about. She will paint a portrait based on your wedding bouquet - how great is that! I love her choice of color, the style, the lines -  everything! I think I would die if I got one for Valentines day to hang in our house.

Now don't think that I didn't forget about a gift for you - free valentines day gift tags from moi.
Enjoy - and hope you use them on something sweet!
PS - I'm still learning how to post links to high res files, so a jpeg will have to do for now

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