Wednesday, July 11, 2012

mint to be

I have been noticing a few things in common on my recent purchases and pins lately. . . .

[additional sources on my pinterest ]
I have fought the mint green bandwagon for a while and finally hopped on. . . . I have been wearing the heck out of these earrings and this necklace. . . debating on what item in my house to paint pastel and even eyeing pistachio gelato and nail polish at Target.

Its easy to see why this color is so great. . . it goes with everything!
I love the contrast of it with a coral or orange

Or the drama and elegance paired with a rich color or black
Mint is being predicted as the next big color of the year and I think the mirror in our guest bathroom may be its next victim. . . when I was 8 I got to redecorate my bedroom and it was mint green and peach/orange (yes the walls were all bright peach - like living and sleeping in a vat of sherbet) so ahead of my time, hahahaha.

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  1. I have mint pants, love mint nail polish, and loveeeee pistachio gelato :-)