Friday, March 23, 2012

ikea updates

Have you noticed about all the new ways to customize IKEA furniture?

I mentioned Overlays a while back and love how they can transform IKEA dressers and side tables - a little paint and some Overlays, maybe even some nice brass pulls could turn a plain dresser into a showpiece.

I am also a big fan of campaign furniture and am dying to try using brass corners and campaign hardware on a cheap IKEA dresser or popular LACK dresser. Check this out from Molly Madfis Designs via Little Green Notebook
I'm thinking a dark peacock blue or Hermes orange long dresser turned buffet in a dining room would be gorg . . . . . 

Or, some brass corners at the hardware store can  turn this simple LACK side table

Into something like this

OK, so what about upholstered pieces you ask? Well check out the genius behind Pretty Pegs:

They make legs specifically for IKEA sofas, chairs and beds. I am dying over this combination

Unfortunately, they are a Swedish based company, so between the exchange rate and the shipping costs, the legs could cost as much as your IKEA piece. 

The same goes for Bemz. They make slip covers for IKEA sofas, armchairs, dining chairs, ottomans and beds. So many great patterns and colors to replace the slipcovers on your IKEA pieces. I guess if you are salvaging a piece of furniture from college, it could be a great way to make it look a little more grown up and a little less dorm room. Depending on the fabric you buy the cost to buy the piece + the slipcover, may get a little high, but that is the same with most slipcovers, and you have the luxury to wash and replace down the road. And they sure are pretty. . . 

That striped bed! and the Marrimekko sofa! I think an IKEA trip may be in the near future. . . .

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